Athletic/Sports Injuries


Whether you are an top notch high school athlete, a blooming toddler just beginning to understand sports, a weekend warrior or even an active senior, athletic injuries can happen to us all.  From ankle sprains to “tennis elbow” to low back strains, Wallace Physical Therapy has dealt with all of these common ailments.  Having been active in many sports over the years, Bob Wallace can create a treatment plan that will help heal the injury, strengthen the affect area, as well as incorporate exercises that test certain movements that the affected area will perform.  If you are a high school soccer player who has torn the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), after surgery Wallace Physical Therapy will follow a week by week protocol of stretching and strengthening, increasing as the injury heals all the way until it’s time to return to playing.


Wallace Physical Therapy has two convenient physical therapy offices in Tucson, with certified physical therapists and specialists to make the rehab process go as smoothly and effectively as possible.


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Main Office

5501 N Oracle Rd #101
Tucson, AZ 85704


Phone: 520-408-9547
Fax: 520-408-8145



Orange Grove Office

1925 W Orange Grove Rd #204

Tucson AZ 85704


Phone: 520-297-1550

Fax: 520-297-1556


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