Tucson AZ Physical Therapy for Auto Injuries


Automobile injuries, resulting from a crash, can range from cervical problems, like whiplash, to thoracic problems, like ribs being broken, to low back pain from the impact of the accident.  Depending on the severity of one’s injuries, Wallace Physical Therapy utilizes ultrasound, massage, exercises, hot/cold packs, and manual mobilizations to help alleviate and decrease the pain.  Wallace Physical Therapy works with auto insurance claims, liens, attorney’s and medical insurances


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Main Office

5501 N Oracle Rd #101
Tucson, AZ 85704


Phone: 520-408-9547
Fax: 520-408-8145



Orange Grove Office

1925 W Orange Grove Rd #204

Tucson AZ 85704


Phone: 520-297-1550

Fax: 520-297-1556


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