Back/Spinal Injuries


Wallace Physical Therapy specializes in low back pain and spinal injuries.  Low back pain can consist of strains/sprains of the muscles, disc problems (i.e. herniated disc’s, degeneration, arthritis, etc.), a result from a surgery, or even an inherited disease.  Bob Wallace and his Tucson-based therapists are experienced in treating what is causing the pain, even if it is coming from some place other than the back.

Muscle problems in the low back usually follows a certain treatment plan that involves calming down the affected muscles, thru ultrasound, massage, hot/ice packs and electrical stimulation and then a set of exercises that are based around strengthening the core muscles.  Bob Wallace helps educate the patient on how important it is to have a strong core (abdominal muscles) in order to keep the pressure off the low back. 


Disc/vertebrae problems are addressed in the same manner as muscular problems, with the exception of pinching nerves.  Pinched nerves can cause pain, numbness, and tingling to other parts of the body.  In these cases, Wallace Physical Therapy utilizes mechanical traction, either cervical or lumbar, to help open up the vertebrae and release the pinched nerve. 


Wallace Physical Therapy sees many patients whom have just had spinal surgeries, fusions, decompressions, discectomies, laminectomies, etc.  In these cases, Bob Wallace and his team, while following doctors protocol, help bring the patient back into their daily activities thru muscle strengthening and stretching and exercises focused on certain daily activities that each patient will need to be able to perform.


From evasive to inevasive, Wallace Physical Therapy has years of experience to help resolve back pain issues. 


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