Wallace Physical Therapy



Services Provided by our Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistant:


Arthritis                                               Hip & Knee Pain                           Spinal Injuries

Athletic/Sports Injures                     Joint Replacement                         Strains/Sprains

Auto Injuries                                      Musculoskeletal Pain                     Tendonitis

Bursitis                                                Neurological Deficiencies             Vertigo/Dizziness

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                 Osteoporosis                                   Women's Health Issues

Chronic and Acute Pain                   Overuse Injuries                             Work/Industrial Injuries

Fibromyalgia                                       Plantar Fasciitis

Foot/Ankle/Leg Pain                        Poor Posture

Fractures                                               Pre & Post Surgical

Gait Retraining                                   Sciatica

Headache                                             Shoulder/Arm Pain



Katie (Modafferi) Celaya, PT, DPT Women’s Health Specialist (Main Clinic)


Urinary and/or Fecal Incontinence                             Pregnancy Issues

Pelvic Floor Issues                                                             (Before and/or After Delivery)

Perineal Pain from Episiotiomy                                    Pain with Intercourse

     Scarring or Trauma                                                     DRA (Diastasis Rectus Abdominis)

Pelvic Organ Prolapse or Pain                                       Clogged Mammry Ducts